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Discussion in 'Developer Applications (archive)' started by Ziemni, Aug 9, 2018.

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    Aug 9, 2018
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    Name: Jacob
    Age: 19
    Native country: Poland

    About Me
    My name is Jacob, I'm 19 year old student. Even though I live in Poland, most of a year I spend in Coventry UK, where I study CyberSecurity and Ethical Hacking.

    Programming Experience
    I write a lot in Python and C++, because it is required for my course, but I can also fluently write code in HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, JAVA, JS (maybe not that fluently in JS, even though I don't know it, I just look up what I need in the Internet (tutorial, documentations etc) and glue together some code so it works the way I want it to) and Shell.
    I used to code a lot of backend and sometimes frontend (if needed) for Polish gaming communities, mostly MyBB and IPB. I have also created my own TS3 PHP bot.
    For most of my projects I use my University's GitHub so everything is Private, but I can reupload somewhere if you want me to.

    Oh... SourcePawn. I won't hide it - I hate it. I can go on and on how it could've been much better. I used to code in it (mostly csgo plugins), but after learning REAL scripting languages I gave up on it.
    I may go back to it if needed, but I would rather stick to anything else.

    Why me?
    I don't know really. If you need someone to help with forum or some backend stuff I can help. I won't be taking it as my primary job, but I'm willing to learn. I have never actually worked with XenForo so it would be fun challenge for me.
    I can spend 2+ hours daily working for you during holidays, but I don't know what about academic year yet (maybe 1-2).

    I hope I haven't bored you to death yet and I am waiting for a response from you :)

    All the best,
    Jacob 'Ziemni'

    Main interest
    PHP Backend, Frontend, Databases, Whatever is needed

    Time devotion
    10-20h + I have specified it in Profile section
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    Aug 27, 2012
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    No longer relevant, as the community is shutting down.
    Thanks for applying regardless!
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