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Discussion in 'Literature' started by Duchess, Sep 11, 2018.

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    If it's anything like I think it is. Personally I've gotten to know a few of you inside and out. I love this place, and I want you to share more.
    You can write here. Poems of what you love or don't. You don't have to directly share--but I want to know you. I know a lot of people here that are really good at writing but are scared to share what.

    Be indirect or direct. Just share. All of you know I have no judgement and will lay down the hammer if there are those who judge.

    I'll start the first post.
  2. Duchess

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    Jun 23, 2017
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    It starts at the fingers. Little snippets of feelings that ripple at your nails. If you've ever felt the river at your fingertips, dipping them in the water while it flowed in rough waves away from you, maybe it's equivalent.

    It's a rush. Quietly crashes against your bones. Each heartbeat is like the waves hitting the rocks.

    It feels like little splinters stab against your skin—needles that tab at your nerves every moment you breathe. Your heart beat interuppts, and then it starts again.

    Beat—beat—needle. Beat—beat—needle.


    Are your limbs asleep? Or are you?

    The ocean is your blood and you can hear every wave. So far away from your ears but you hear it like you're at the front seat of an orchestra. You listen, but when you act, it isn't quite the same.

    Waves turn into roars, roars turn into cries and suddenly you don't know your own movements.

    Acting on your own loneliness never felt so accompanied. But you stay. You listen.

    You hear.
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  3. Femme Fatale

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    May 29, 2017
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    There’s a girl in the corner just turned 18
    ever since she was little it was always her dream
    to marry a man who would treat her just right
    with loving best friends for the rest of her life

    but as she grew up
    her friends all grew cold
    so she twisted her life just to fit in their mold
    now her biggest fear is that she’ll be rejected
    she’ll try anything to feel loved and accepted.

    She posts Photos on Instagram hoping that now,
    her body attracts what her heart can’t somehow
    slowly turning herself into something she’s not
    desperate for anyone to think that she’s hot.

    But the love that she craves has never come through
    and all the dreams she once held just haven’t come true,
    if you ask how she is she’ll say that she’s fine
    she disguises it fine but she’s dying inside

    she tried parties and drinking just a little to start
    anything to fill that big hole in her heart.
    Now she’s sleeping around hoping love will be found
    but her heart lies empty from the sorrows she’s drowned.
    cause deep down she knows that she is not bold.

    She puts on her fake smile while she bleeds
    on the outside she’ll build
    so her life will seem filled
    but on the inside she’s never complete
  4. Lunar

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    Dec 14, 2017
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    (So to explain this is one of those "where i'm from poems" but i took it and basically made it into a loose rants about everything i dealt with growing up while also yeeting the normal pattern you'd take out the window for the sake of venting and showing meaning behind this shitty cluster fuck of words (free verse i think was the word i was looking for, read it at your own rhythm/pace). i still remember a few years back that i wrote this and my old English teacher pulled me aside just to give me a caring huge...i miss her so damn much because she understood every word, she understood me back then without saying a single word. sorry for being that edgy response btw)

    Lights and music you dreamed to see and hear
    Ruined by a father you wish could be near
    and by a child who wasn’t that great and wanted his end to be near

    I wasn’t normal
    I wasn’t like the others

    I was corrupted by life
    but forged in the darkest abyss

    I am a shadow
    that only the few can see

    I try to see myself
    as something i could never be

    Something great from something wrong
    Something that recovered from the land of lies and grief

    I thought i never could escape where i lived or who it made me
    Thinking each day could be my last
    Fearing life and tempted to even take it like it wasn't my last

    I’ve been hurt mentally
    Only for others to say they did it accidentally

    They wanted me to make me cry
    And i was happy to comply
    They wanted me to die
    And i was happy to comply

    wondering if i even deserved to earn my fucking halo
    Yet i keep forgetting Satan used to been an angel

    But lately i’ve realized that i’ve seen the light
    but never dared to step into it

    I wanted to be normal and never took the chance to do it
    But i found where i belong, hell you can see right through it

    i became my own Light in the Abyss
    and i will not burn out quietly.
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  5. Retro

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    Jan 2, 2018
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    Oh Duchess, I never could resist an inventation of sharing some poetry :D Here is a little boy's story.

    Once upon a time there was a little boy

    Once upon a time there was a little boy
    wandering around, enjoyed being the fool
    he was, never bothered enough to find a tool
    in order to fix some problems, he preferred some joy.
    Girls meet boys and boys meet girls
    hell, some girls meet girls and some boys meet boys, enough of that
    because funnily enough questions begin to stack up in his head.
    Is she a special girl, could this be?
    Too bad that he wasn't able to see
    that she already has made the choice
    and he told me that he clearly could remember her voice.
    Anyday and with gratitude he promised to hold her hand
    no matter how dark and cold the nights, until the end.
    And I can tell you that said little boy
    was undoubtedly filled with joy.

    Once upon a time there was a little boy
    he thought he finally found what he was searching for
    he even had so called "plans" for their future
    and may be he even craved for a little more
    they would never loose their sense of humour.
    He held his promise, he held her hand until the end,
    he doesn't know how many truths he has to bend
    so that he would understand.
    He probably should have known from the start
    but why is death tearing them apart?
    A sad person doesn't really know what they want
    if given person has to bury the loved one.

    Once upon a time there was a little boy
    once filled with joy now felt like a useless decoy.
    Never has he ever witnessed before
    all the vicious demons that are living inside of him.
    He learned that life, in it's core,
    is a struggle and the chance of happiness is slim.
    "But how can such a lovely boy suffer that much?" you may ask,
    let me tell you that this isn't an easy task.
    At nights his most brutal demon makes him cry
    he then wonders how he would explain to God
    that he let her most beautiful and wonderful angel die.

    Once upon a time there was a little boy
    for his journey he took his own pace
    every september, as far as I can remember,
    he would come back to her place.
    The only thing that he would worry
    is to tell her that he is deeply sorry.
    He still is fighting the darkness, he promised it to her
    to defeat the demons, he is so damn sure
    that, one day, he will get his answer,
    may be after his very last trip,
    they hopefully will live happily ever after.

    Inspired by a little boy.
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  6. Yoda

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    Oct 2, 2015
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    i hate poetry
    id eat it with cutlery
    it tastes like poultry
    like everything that isnt porky or beefy
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  7. SoulStar

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    Feb 12, 2018
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    You were never yourself, you never knew who you were but everyone else believed they knew you.

    If you don't know yourself then how could they?

    You spent so long of your life trying to find who you are,
    you met so many people but none of them were... you.
    This search for yourself distanced you from the world,
    people laughed at you, and tried to tear you down.
    Laughing at something you don't understand is meaningless,
    so you always stood up, looking past them because they don't know you.
    You sheltered yourself from others thinking it will aid in finding who you are.
    For without the people, who could hold you back?
    You were wrong, your mindless searching hurt you the more you tried.
    Eventually your mind took a dark turn, your thoughts turning negative, you think the worse of everything.

    Sadness, with nothing to be sad about.
    Loneliness, even when surrounded by people.
    Anger, at things that brought you joy.
    Fearful, for everything... for an end.

    You didn't know who you are, but you didn't want this to be you.

    It took time but after years, you broke through,
    through the darkness that shrouded the light.
    It was in the light past the darkness where you found it, who you are.
    Who you are is exactly who you wanted to be, yourself.
    That flickering fire within you, suddenly blazing brighter than the sun.
    A burning sense of pride, becoming that very light you sought.

    And with a whole life ahead of me,
    I can finally say-

    "I know who I am."
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  8. Teh TheoDeKillah

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    Sep 8, 2018
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    Are you, are you
    Coming to the tree
    Where I told you to run
    So we'd both be free
    Strange things did happen here
    No stranger would it be
    If we met at midnight
    In the hanging tree

    Big disclaimer this is from ''the hunger games catching fire'' NOT MINE
    PLEASE no bully @dino@dino
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  9. dino

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    Jan 24, 2017
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    Not exactly original writing...
  10. Femme Fatale

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    May 29, 2017
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    I needed freedom, I needed love…
    But I chose the worst way to free myself.

    At that time I deeply wished someone would come and stop me.

    I was scared, I wished someone would save me.
    I wished someone would care.

    But I was sure, there was no one for me.
    That was the painful fact about my pitiful life…

    And no one came.
    And no one noticed.
    And no one cared.

    And then I met you.
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