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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Tio José das Vacas, Oct 27, 2014.

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    Jun 29, 2014
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    Looking for offers on the following hats:

    • Cloudy Moon Ol' Snaggletooth
      -1/4 in the world
      -Level 7
    • Orbiting Fire Danger:
      -1/2 in the world
      -Level 70
    • Orbiting Fire Shooter's Sola Topi
      -1/42 in the world
      -Level 92
    • Circling TF Logo Football Helmet
      -1/19 in the world
      -Level 61
    • Electrostatic Tough Guy's Toque
      -1/2 in the world
      -Level 59

    Please offer here or send me trade offer.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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