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    [​IMG] (Image credit: Tuba Pupa and Herwork)

    The best party is the one that happens after the normal people have gone home; before school or work has woken and you’re just hanging out with some chums, having fun.

    Saturday 6th Jan @ 2:00 PM EST / 20:00 CET sees the TFConnect Afterparty or “KritzKast Creator Showdown”, for short. They’re doing some unrestricted 6s with the likes of FUNKe, berd, LazyPurple, Solid JJ, Solarlight and many more. First pitting two EU teams against each other. Then two North American teams fight to decide who plays with whom in the ultimate form of mad combat: 12v12* ChaosMOD, casted by KritzKast, HamajiNeo and other friends.

    Here your donations to the charity SpecialEffect via TFConnect decide both where the match happens and how tough a time these teams have. Donate LIVE to enable temporary effects; see how well Skymin flies in low grav, how long Dollie lives with one hit point, how dangerous Uncle Dane is with critz enabled, as well as more, far worse ideas. There’s nothing this mod can’t do!**

    Donate via TFConnect
    Join the stream live
    Watch the matches later

    *Actual team sizes may vary
    **This mod cannot stop Heavy and Medic's love.

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