New TF2 Saxton Hale: add saxton hale option

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by FireShadow, Aug 18, 2018.

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    One last suggestion for you: what bothers most people is that the hale player isn't that good. He's either a nub or is hale unwanted. To improve the quality of hales on the server I suggest to:

    1) Disable chance to become hale by default
    2) Add option to halemenu to enable becoming hale permanently

    Some servers have this. It's just a barrier to becoming hale.
  2. Snorre

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    Aug 6, 2018
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    Even Tho IT may not be super fun to Play against a new player, the light have fun. Most people know a little about saxton hale and wanted to become the "special" person. If bring avle to become hale is disabled they light not know or Find out and for people that just doesn't wanted to become hale, the resetq commands is usefull. I have seen people having struggled with the resetq command not working always but you can also do it by doing /halenext - press 0.

    So the Block becomming hale would be okay, and we would reduce the amount of spam in chat. But I don't think new players should have hale Turned off from the beginning
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    I absolutely think the option to disable getting queue points should be a thing.
    Having it disabled by default for people will:
    1. Infuriate people who don't know about it and they may quit, losing long term players
    2. Confuse a lot of people who are active on the server but don't know about the changes or read the forums
    3. Cause a lot of spam in chat when this gets added due to lots of people wanting to become hale more on this later
    Now a counter-argument may be that you don't want to fight a bad hale or a noob player, but all players have to start learning how to play somewhere, and a potential language barrier may prevent them from understanding that hale is disabled for them.

    Now, I feel like having a disable option could be a lot more beneficial, because:
    1. People don't have to keep typing / or !resetq, reducing chat clutter/spam and allowing people who just don't like playing hale to ensure they always play red.
    2. Even though this will still cause some clutter in chat, it will cause a lot less because more people want to play hale then not.
    3. I no longer have to suffer to fox
    Counter arguments to this may be:

    • People can forget if they have hale disabled, causing confusion.
    Instead of saying "You get 10 queue points" at the end of the round, replace it with "You have hale disabled". Or, if you cannot remove the 10 queue points message, you could still send the "You get 10 queue points" message along with another message that says "Queue points not added because you have hale disabled".
    • What if everyone has hale disabled?
    Pick a person at random that wasn't hale the previous round.
    • What if people aren't aware of this command and still use /resetq?
    They can still use /resetq, people can also remind the person that this new "hale disabling" command exists.

    This is a good suggestion if it was implemented in a way that can allow disabling, not enabling.
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