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    Prices may change at anytime and are non-negotiable. You may pay in pure (preferred) or items overpay.

    A few things you should know before you trade:
    1) Applied paint on items is treated as half price (eg. original price: 2.33, applied paint: 1ref, final price: 2.73).
    2) Killstreak items are NOT accepted.
    3) Gifted items are NOT accepted.
    4) Non-craftable items are NOT accepted.
    5) Items not priced on are NOT accepted.
    6) Items can be reserved for a maximum of 24 hours.
    7) Underpaying is NOT allowed.
    8) If you are paying with items, there must be an overpay of at least 2 reclaimed.
    9) You may not trade if you have any type of negative tag on SR (this includes caution).
    10) All prices are based on prices. This includes how I price any items you offer.
    11) If you are going to reserve, you can only reserve up to 3 items at any one time.
    12) Strange Parts are treated the same as paints (half price).
    13) This trade is also up on Outpost: TF2 Outpost / Trade

    The Items I'm Selling
    The Virtual Reality Headset (painted: A Distinctive Lack of Hue) - 1.21 keys
    Taunt: Flippin' Awesome - 6 refined - Sold!
    Taunt: The High Five! - 5.5 refined - Sold!
    Haunted Ethereal Hood - 5 refined
    Genuine Der Maschinensoldaten-Helm - 3.5 refined
    Haunted Dark Helm - 3 refined
    Troublemaker's Tossle Cap - 3 refined
    Non-Craftable Tough Guy's Toque (painted: A Color Similar to Slate) - 2.5 refined - Sold!
    Taunt: Buy A Life - 2.33 refined
    Genuine Cheet Sheet - 1.66 refined
    Haunted Unknown Monkeynaut - 1.66 refined
    The Business Casual - 1.66 refined
    Haunted Boo Balloon - 1.33 refined
    Taunt: Deep Fried Desire - 1.33 refined
    The Hot Dogger - 1.33 refined
    D├ętective Noir - 1.33 refined
    Handyman's Handle - 1.22 refined
    Strange Stickybomb Launcher - 1 refined
    Haunted Unidentified Following Object - 1 refined
    Haunted Parasight - 2 reclaimed
    Craftable Weapons - 1 scrap

    I'd prefer for you to send me a trade offer if you are interested in buying, although make sure to add me if your going to reserve an item.

    Now for the links:
    Trade Offer Link (preferred):
    Profile Link:
    SteamRep Link: Link:

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    Trade closed, inactive.
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