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    Here's a release for a fixed surf_aether.

    This map has been a hard piece of work, but with some help from wiuuuh, we managed to rework this old fella and bring it back to life with a few fixes. The most important part is, it's now working for CS:GO again!

    Here are some fixes:
    Teleports are now facing the correct way.
    First ramp at start is now fixed. No more blocking.
    Huge optimization of the map.
    Removal of secrets, hidden rooms, items and shortcuts.
    Full HDR compiled version (Let me know if the bloom is too much)
    All CS:S related items has been removed.
    New teleports has been added around the map.

    I might look into the FPS droppings that occurs at some parts of the map. The method used to make this run again is causing this, as well as all the objects placed around the world.

    I hope you enjoy this new release, and please let me/us know if you encounter any problems, so we can fix it.
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