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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Doktor kengineer, Oct 29, 2014.

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    So yeah, It's the coming of Spook-time and in order to make the most of the Halloween spook sales I'm trying scrap off as much crappy sensually alluring hats as I can. And what screams Halloween more than dressing up like a complete idiot, Skeletons of course, but I don't deal in Skeletons, too expensive and scary of a business for me to comprehend, so sadly I'm sticking with the dressing up like an idiot part.

    Speaking of Skeletons, did you know there's one inside of you this very minute? Spoooooky.

    Most of these are painted, so if you don't like paint, then you probably wont like these hats, because they're painted.

    Anyway I'll color code them based on paint, and I'll round the prices down based off the estimated price Bazaar gives them, I don't inherently care about being paid in pure, but you know, offers, refined, keys, games, whatever. I'll take it anyway because all of these hats were gained via bad ideas, so it's only fair for me to continue making bad ideas, due to the absence of any good ones and I may as well remain consistent.

    Hat: price:


    Gen. Anger: 9 refined
    Kiss King (You wish.. I wish..): 6 refined
    Troublemaker's Tossle Cap: 7.33 refined
    Planeswalker Googles: 6 Refined
    Fancy Dress Uniform: 7.33 refined
    Virus Doctor: 6 Refined
    Uncraftable Whiskered Gentlemann: 6 refined
    Winter Wonderland Wrap: 7 refined
    Graybanns: 1 key

    Team Colors (because what's the difference?)

    Team Spirit Battlebob: 6.66 refined (Satan's favorite)
    Balaclavas are forever Cross-com Crash helmet: 8 refined
    Team Spirit Professor's pineapple: 7.55 refined
    Waterlogged lab coat tyrant's helm: 6.33 refined
    Cream spirit ornament armament: 6 refined
    Cream Spirit Cosa Nostra cap: 6.33 refined
    Waterlogged lab coat Lady Killer: 7 refined
    Team Spirit Essential Accessories: 2.5 keys
    Team Spirit Vintage Yellow Master's belt: 9 refined
    Value of Teamwork Genuine Hero's Tail: 1.5 keys
    Balaclavas are forever vintage Soldier's Stash: 2 keys
    Cream Spirit Made man: 6.66 refined

    Bruiser's Bandanna: 1.5 keys
    Rail Spikes: 7 refined
    Tam o' Shanter: 6 refined
    Das Maddendoktor: 6 refined

    After Eight, Lack of Hue, Abundance of Tinge, Mann's "mint"

    After Eight Virtual Viewfinder: 8 refined (tenative)
    Lack of Hue Whirly Warrior: 1.35 keys
    After Eight Doublecross com: 2.6 keys
    After Eight Track terrorizer: 8 refined
    After Eight Flipped trilby: 7 refined (not a fedora m'lady, there's a difference)
    Lack of Hue Sober Stuntman: 1.31 keys
    Mann's Mint Ye olde baker boy: 6 refined
    After Eight Blighted Beak: 7.8 refined
    After Eight Genuine bolgan: 8 refined
    After Eight Das fantzipantzen: 7.33 refined
    After Eight Rusty Reaper: 7.8 refined
    After eight Scotch saver: 1 key
    Mann's Mint Hat of Cards: 6 refined
    After eight Vintage foster's facade: 6.33 refined
    After Eight Merc's Muffler: 1 key
    Mann's mint Bolt Boy: 9 refined
    Lack of Hue Strange Anger: 4 keys
    Abundance of Tinge Fancy Dress uniform: 1.5 keys (tenative)
    Lack of Hue Bill's hat: 5.5 keys
    Lack of Hue Hornblower: 1.6 keys
    After Eight Summer Shades: depends on who supplies gift-wrap
    Mann's Mint Wilson Weave: 6 refined (A relic from a time-long past when I collected those things)


    Strange unshaved bear: 8.66 refined
    Viking Braider: 5 refined
    Antarctic Parka: 1.2 keys
    Backstabber's boomslang: 7.66 refined
    Genuine Officer's Ushanka: 6 refined
    Exquisite Rack: 6 refined
    Flapjack: 8.66 refined
    Bigg Mann on campus: 5 refined
    Au Courant Assassin: 4.66 refined
    Merc's Mohawk: 7.33 refined
    El Jefe: 5 refined
    Little drummer mann: 5 refined
    Brotherhood of arms: 9.33 refined

    Other items of interest:

    Business pants Magical mercenary: 1 key
    Lumbricus Lid: 5.33 refined

    I got many more items but writing them all out is a long and tedious thing, if you're interested in a hat but want see how it looks I can post a in-game screenshot or refer you to the item's wiki page.

    Anyway if you want a item post here first or use trade offers, I also accept item offers and stuff assuming it's not just 900 crates or something.
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