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    This guide explains how you can donate in order to support Fortress of Gamers as a community and claim your VIP features on our servers!

    Please click on the respective spoiler to see all the necessary steps!

    Step 1:
    Click on the button "Donate" at the top of this page or visit directly.

    Step 2:
    Choose the game you want the VIP features in: CS:GO or TF2
    Note: It will be marked as (selected).

    Step 3:
    Fill in your SteamID

    Step 4:
    Type in the amount you want to donate.
    $5 = 30 days of benefits ($5 per month)
    $40 = 365 days of benefits ($3.33 per month)

    Step 5 (optional):
    Tell us your nickname you usually use - this makes it easier to find your account in case you have issues.

    Step 6:
    Choose your payment method: PayPal or Credit/Debit Card (powered by Stripe).

    Step 7:
    Click on "Donate now"

    Step 1:
    Add one of our DonationBots on Steam:
    [FoG] DonationBot #1
    [FoG] DonationBot #2

    or use the command !keydonate while being In-Game and a bot will add you.

    Step 2:
    Invite the bot to a trade or send the bot a trade offer.

    Step 3 (only necessary for CS:GO):
    Write "csgo" in the chat window of the trade or in the comment section of the trade offer.
    Note: If you do not write "csgo" you will get your VIP features on our TF2 servers only!

    Step 4:
    Choose the keys / skins you want to donate
    2 keys = 30 days of benefits
    16 keys = 365 days of benefits
    or any skins that are equal to the value - we will take their average lower market price to calculate the value.

    Step 5:
    Click on "Make trade" or "Make offer"

    Guide Version: 1.0 - 30.07.2017 - created by @Rizor@Rizor
Thread Status:
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