F-o-G Surf Tournament /w prices and stream!

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Are you interested in a surf tourney? Regardless of whether being a surfer or a viewer

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  1. montyyy

    montyyy Member

    Jun 15, 2015
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    Hey there,


    since I've been active for a month now again and really feeling the surfing gameplay, I've made my ideas of something which could promote our community and also be useful for the upcoming youtube channel. I've been talking to a lot of people on the servers as well as to Rizor and Co. and I decided to plan a surfing tournament. In the first place, I'd need the okay from n0 since we would need additional ressources and also some prices for e.g. the top3. But let's start with the facts I came up with:

    There's two types of tournaments:
    1. A serious tournament, where surfers will face each other in a 1v1 on a random map (!challenge). We could do Bo2 here or just make it bo1 K.O. We'll have brackets, matches will be randomized. I'm thinking about 32 slots, that would make 6 rounds and 63 matchups (BO1). So this should pretty much fill a whole day including small breaks and some organizing delay.
    2. We could make it like trofle did on his stream once: Everyone in the tournament starts at the same time and the first three guys going through the finish line will be written down. Then it goes onto the next map until we had like 10-20 maps and we'll summarize and make out the top3 overall.

    As I said, I already talked to Rizor and we came to the conclusion, that the first type is probably the better typ. It's more serious, we could use alot more footage out of it for the youtube channel and it won't be a clusterfuck. So we could maybe do the second type just as a small fun competition where everyone can join in.

    1. We will only use tier1-3 maps so anyone can join and have fun
    2. The first tournament is all about fun, not being fucking serious. We can do like a really tryhard tournament later on. In the first place, this tournament is some kind of a testrun.
    3. Anyone is allowed as long as he is a member of the f-o-g community. This includes being registered in the forums, enters the tournament via the forum thread and is surfing on the f-o-g servers for like 1 day (playtime). The last rule is debateable but I don't want some KSF top #16 just joining real quick and fucking us all over for the prices. Not to be a dick, but the first tournament seriously should be more funbased than skillbased.
    4. Everyone needs to be ready when his match comes up. With ~63 matchups on one day, we can't really accept any bigger delay
    5. I would stream the whole thing additionally on twitch to gain some attention. I'd be using some F-o-G graphics to promote the community and also the server. Might as well make a gif showing the IP's from time to time. Twitch channel would be: http://www.twitch.tv/montyyy_

    Soooo, what do we need though?

    1. The Okay from n0name
    2. Prices for the top #3 - Maybe VIP status? I would also put some money in for the price pool.
    3. A good mix of tier1-3 maps (let's say atleast 15-20 maps)
    4. Advertisement - alot of it! Including graphics which might be shown on the servers, on the forums and also on twitch streams. (I could do these graphics, no problem)
    5. Server set up especially for this tourney. Or just make the t1-6 server restricted for that one day
    6. referees and judges - especially admins would be needed here
    7. a bracket / tourney system but there should be a good CMS / freeware for that

    This thread should be used to find more ideas, discuss ideas and somewhat form the tournament after the users needs and wishes. Discuss, help us out here, give constructive ideas, that'd be awesome! We wanna do this, because we like the fog servers and the people we got to know through these servers. So in the first place, it's to advertise our awesome community and gain attention.

    Surf comptetition on the fog servers with prices, being streamed on twitch and also cut for the upcoming youtube channel.

    I / We need your ideas and feedback bois!
    Please answer the poll so we can see if people are actually interested in something like that (eventhough I only got positive feedback on steam til now)
    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Rizor

    Rizor eZ Retired Staff Member

    Feb 27, 2015
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    Applicant for the tournament would also have to be a subscriber of the YT channel.
    And I would suggest to upload only the quarter, semi, 3rd place and final for YouTube. (4,2,1,1 = 8 vids for the tournament). GoTV is necessary for this.

    And if we do this. I would be for a well planned type 1.
    Otherwhise it is going to be chaotic in my opinion. Also getting 32 people all together at 1 day might be really hard I don't really see this happening at 1 day.

    32, 16 = bo1
    Quarter= bo3
    Final = bo5

    In case of type 2 if poeple decide for it. It's pretty much useless for FoGTV and will be just a fun tournement then. So in case the first on is a type 2 and works fine. A type 1 should be well organized and planned which then could also be used for FoGTV.
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  3. Yoda

    Yoda Genuinely crazy Moderator

    Oct 2, 2015
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    Maybe getting n0names approval, PRIOR proposing this to the community would be more conventional (in case he says no). Though I doubt he will turn this idea down.
    Personally I wont join this tournament. Im not a fan of competition and trying to be the best among the people I know. But I'm sure people will join, seeing it is a nice idea.

    PS: Since T6 surfers might be joining too and going up against T2 surfer I would make a Junior League and a Senior League. So actually good surfer (Lets say who can beat T3 maps consistantly and have finished T4 maps) get to surf people of equal or only slightly higher level. Whereas people that are new or more or less new to surf are up against equally inexperienced players. And yes, you said it will be on T1-3 maps but people that surf T6 maps still are much better at surfing a T1 map in comparison to a T2 surfer.
    Up to you though

    Good luck
  4. n0name

    n0name Administrator

    Aug 27, 2012
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    This (of course) has greenlight from me.
    In my opinion, the second type of match up (aka. noting who finishes first) would be better for the first tournament, as I am not sure if !challenge even works after all those changes.
    Regarding the place - would reuse the T1-6 server for that, just gotta tell the regs there in advance that their server will be "locked".

    Also agreeing with Avaritia regarding the skill match up.
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