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Discussion in 'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Servers (archive)' started by Chefkoch JJ, Jul 11, 2017.

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  1. Chefkoch JJ

    Chefkoch JJ :] Member

    Feb 15, 2016
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    @Rizor@Rizor gave me some ideas, and the old thread is kinda outdated so I thought I'd make a new one.

    Revolution is not yet over! Although I'm reeeaaallyyy busy

    Colours: Done, Dropped, Obsolete
    The first and most important thing Rizor talked about is the planned Youtube channel, which he will create and manage. To make his life more easy, some changes need to be done before that.

    • Plugins
      • !stopmusic
      • RTV-Maplist shuffle (so spamming "4" doesn't result in one map gaining more votes respectively)
      • !nc, !noclip or whatever. More or less mandatory for good bhop servers
      • Replaybots
        • Make sure all bots are on all servers
        • Fix old 100-tick bots
        • Push latest update to beginner/expert
      • Timer
        • Change the point-calculation to the following:
          Every map has a set value (probably tier) that reflects the difficulty/amount of points it rewards. You don't receive points for finishing anymore, your current points are based on all the records you have. This completely annihilates the ability to farm and makes the best player with the most records the one with the most points. Example:
          Player X finished a tier 3 map in first place and a tier 4 map in 10th. His points are then (300/1)+(400/10)=340
          Player Y finished 15 tier 2 maps in 20th place. His points are then 15*(200/20) = 150
          This is a sample calculation and I pulled the formula out of my head, final result may change.
          Edit: The sample calculations are way off from what's actually going to happen but enough to demonstrate my point
        • Add a sync counter + GUI implementation
        • Spec"list" in the GUI
      • Options
        • Create an options menu with stored settings
        • Each user can change their settings which will be saved and loaded automatically
        • Settings include:
          • !hide status
          • Default weapon
          • !ssj status
          • Hide weapon status
      • TAS
        • Make TAS work on beginner/expert again
        • Add a menu with toggle-able TAS options
        • Add 1-tick strafer
        • Add slowmotion
        • Add checkpoint support
        • Add rewind option
      • Nominate list divided into tiers (sub-menus)
      • Store
        • Either disable the store completely, or
        • Greatly increase the amount of credits you need to buy things. Literally everyone is running around with a chicken and has weird chat colours. It's neither nice to look at nor does it reflect which players put in the hours on the servers.
        • (Having a chatcolor/rank removes your server rank)
    • Settings/MISC
      • Finish zoning all the maps we have
      • Remove dropped/duplicate maps from the fileserver
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  2. Rizor

    Rizor eZ Retired Staff Member

    Feb 27, 2015
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    Replaybots are probably the most important thing for me atm. I need working bots to record.
    I know you mentioned you are quite busy. But it would be important to see this implemented.

    Also referring to the !option menu:
    1. !hide
    2. Weapon (Knife, Usp)
    3. Show weapon yes/no --> pretty much !disarm
    4. !speclist --> can also be integrated into this
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  3. Trisstar

    Trisstar Member

    Mar 2, 2015
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    That point system is kind of what Horizon has on their surf servers, dont know how it worked, but it's not points atleast (something with the players being divided up in percentiles based on map completions and tiers)... Was thinking on suggesting it way back, but pretty sure that is gona take some seriously long work hours to complete... And not that important either way I'd say, people who farm maps still doesn't end up further up than the people who actually spend some time and learn harder map in the end.

    I would probably say that if you look at the surf servers people know that the people who are !ptop 10 isn't in the top 10 best surfers (some might be), more that they have dedicated a significant amount of time on the servers and are well-known regulars. And personally I'd rather have that than all of the server-hoppers that have only completed some maps and not actually spent time on the servers to begin with.
  4. ace

    ace Legacy Management

    Apr 9, 2017
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    Hello people,

    I agree with almost everything Massta has mentioned in the text. There are some things that are really important for me and other players.

    - TAS really needs to get fixed, it's a really good style and if it would get fixed the server also would get a lot of new players.
    - The amount of credits you need, to buy something in the store needs to get increased, almost everyone has chat/name colors, a pet, a hat and a mask, so it's useless to play a lot on the server, because you get credits fast anyway.
    - Also the point-calculation needs to get changed, I give you an example:
    I'm not the best player on the server but I really play a lot and that's how I got server rank 4.
    Other players which are way better than me don't have any chance to beat my server rank, because of the point-calculation.
    - Almost every other BHop server has noclip enabled for everyone, as Massta has mentioned a good BHop server needs noclip.

    Have a nice day.
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  5. n0name

    n0name Administrator

    Aug 27, 2012
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    Regarding the !store plugin:
    I have increased the prices by a factor of 2x-6x (the Hottie chat tag, for example, now costs 3500 credits, models are 5000+).
    You can also disable the chat tag in !settings > Toggle Chat Tags, where you can disable certain chat tags from showing up.

    Just wanted to get that out there.
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