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Discussion in 'General' started by Canned Bread, Oct 5, 2018.

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    well, i only came back because i saw the servers are closing. pretty sure the vast majority of you guys dont know/remember me, but it was pretty cool playing on the servers while they were up. it sucks to see this old community is coming to an end, seeing as its been roughly a year since i first joined. you guys easily had the friendliest staff of any tf2 community ive been in, even if a few admins dont like talking to me.
    n0name, youve been a real good host, son. youve done a great job as head of this ship, even though ive literally never gotten to speak to ya directly.

    anyways, i liked playing on fogs servers, the admins all did good jobs and i wish i could make amends with some certain admins (you know who you are, find me on steam so i can properly apologize or flood your inventory with holy mackerels). the buddies i made on the servers are the coolest ive met, and its been a good, yet short, run.

    yours truly,
    the guy who tried to be an admin twice but never accepted,
    the cool warden from winter-summer 2017-2018,
    "im baaaaaaaaayack" "not even close, baybee"
    canned bread, nextros, nick bodenheimer.
Thread Status:
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