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Discussion in 'Admin Reports (archive)' started by The Sad European, May 28, 2018.

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  1. The Sad European

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    May 28, 2018
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    28/May/2018 04:00 PM

    TF2 - Trade/Idle #1 | FREE ITEMS! - !givemeall | EU1-1

    I was just messing arround on the server, when an admin came on, i decided to mess around with in by puuting (as pyro) my flame in his face, he then proceeded to warn me for.. what reason? I have no clue. Then i got a bit mad because he was warning me for no reason, so i decided to try and report him, although i didnt know how, so i just typed !report in chat and started looking for him, then he warned me about report abuse, then i went to the god room because i felt like it, then i got sandviched between some (friendly) enemys that were in the god room and a pyro and spy wich were outside the room killing me, i wasnt in the god room. Then mr. Davis (he had something after Davis but i cant remember what) banned me for presiumably "shooting out of the god room" when i wasnt even in it. Please ban this user for all of youre servers.

    Unfortunatly i didnt take any screenshots of this incident, but im sure that players that were on the server at the time would confirm this (that is if they remember because im assuming i wont get a response emidatly) like Nogile, WTG-TF2, and other peapole wich were on at the time. (also i want to mention that some peapole may have muted us because we might have been anoyng them by talking in voice chat, this is very comon on serevers with many peapole talking in them, some peapole just want to use the chat)

    Also i forgot to mention that he killed 3 peapole, including me, for no reason.

    With admin commands of course.
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  2. DavisLF3

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    Ok let's start this from the beginning:

    - I warned you because you were annoying, nothing wrong about that.
    - You spammed links even I told you to not. (
    - You used 2-3 times the vote menu for no reason, you got kicked for that, after I warned you.
    - I slay spawncampers and godroom blockers because it's in the rules.
    - You blocked the godroom multiple times and I decided to ban you 1 day for that (no one was behind you btw).

    Also may I add you were constantly insulting me (not like I care, but admin disrespect is a thing) and asking people to report me, even if you were the one who made multiple mistakes.

    And if you're talking about micspammers, I always warn 1-2 times before I mute, because yes, screaming in the mic is micspamming.
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  3. n0name

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    Invalid, due to no evidence being provided.
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