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  1. Trinity

    Trinity Member

    Jul 11, 2018
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    Your name or nickname

    Your age

    Which languages do you speak?

    In which timezone do you live?

    Steam Community URL

    Your gameMe page

    Your total playtime on the applied server(s)
    3 days 18:33:43 hours

    Server(s) you wish to be admin on
    TF2 - Jailbreak | EU1-2

    If you already have experience, which plugin were you using?

    Adding to the question above, which community were you admin for?
    A Gmod Community

    Tell us why you're applying
    I am Applying since I often join into the server to find myself stuck with people breaking the rules and making the server not fun for anyone and there is no admins on to stop them, so I am hoping I can make a difference for the server and be able to help the server.

    I enjoy helping other people out, while i also know this will also help me as I can be able to assist people with their issues like punishing free killers and rule breaking guards, and I am on plenty which means i'm able to be there often to help out the server for a long periods of time.

    I am able to be mature and i can make the right decisions when I am an admin to the server meaning I can leave whatever salt or my own feelings away from what i decide leading it to be the right decision, I also have plenty of friends in the server so I can join as soon as i see a message to sort the problem and also just play around on the server.

    I've also am from the UK meaning i will be on when the server is most active, i also only really play tf2 when im on the server. (with a few exceptions)
  2. ♡ pie ♡

    ♡ pie ♡ 死に生きる Senior Server Admin

    Nov 11, 2017
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    Trinity has always been such a lovely and wonderful person to be around, I'm glad to see another application and persistent devotion. Additionally, she has made much progress since her last application:

    ☆ Uses her mic a lot more (so proud of you!)
    ☆ Offers help and suggestions to new players
    ☆ Grown accustomed to playing on BLU more often (great when handling freekillers)
    ☆ Has become more familiar with the rules and more known by regulars
    ☆ Avoids cuss words entirely from what I've seen.

    With my upcoming inactivity along with some other admins, fresh, new, and eager faces are what we like to see. I have no doubt Trinity would be a great accommodation to our community and JB server, and she still proves herself every time I see her on. She has moved up so much within the past few weeks that I can see her becoming a much greater and stronger individual that I've come to know. She's a fantastic candidate, and without a doubt I'll give my +1. ♥️
  3. [Fag] Danny797

    [Fag] Danny797 Member

    Jul 26, 2017
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    Trinity is easily approachable and is a wholesome person in general, even if the app seems rushed her having some past experience as an admin is a nice +. She is open to a discussion and she can do one thing most people seem to be unable to do these days, that being knowing then to stop talking, making most conversations easy to understand by removing that mic spammy feel to them.
    I am a bit unsure on how well she can handle rule breaking on the more "minor" side, because sure, freekillers are easy to spot and all but there are some nit picky things that only regulars would notice and fully understand. Not saying this is some big issue since those can be learned once noticed trough experience.
    I'm staying neutral since I only wanted to point out these things, good luck on your application.
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