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Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by Anthany ✔, Apr 12, 2018.

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    Greeting TF2 players,

    I have seen that this thread has died down a bit so im here to come and shed some light to what is happening in the TF2 community.

    • On March 28 ,2018 Valve release a notable update that was to contrast and fix and errors from the Jungle inferno/Pyro update and along with all of the fixes with the previous update that also reworked the competitive matchmaking system as in that they have overhauled the old system and instead are now using the Glicko ranking system just like in Valves other game CS:GO

    > Official Valve Patch Notes :

    • I personally have played some of this matchmaking system since its release and i have noticed some significant changes :
    1. Faster Queue Times ( Due to the amount of players increasing and wanting to play competitive now )
    2. Much Fairer Matchmaking ( Previously before this update it would take me at least 30-40 mins to find a ranked match at my rank (13 Executioner ) and even that i would still be placed with player at much lower ranks of 9 to 11 and now i'm playing with people at my rank (Rank 7 Executioner 1 )
    3. A Much Better Map Pool Than Before ( They have added maps such as cp_gorge , cp_foundry and ctf_turbine and i think adding maps such as cp_gorge is a great addition to familiarize players with a stopwatch type gamemode and adding a capture the flag map such as turbine will add a lot more viability to what comp actually is, making sure that the teams class composition does not always stay the same )

    I have put several thousand hours into TF2 and have enjoyed the game in every essence of it and now that TF2 is now getting some competitive recognition from Valve makes me really happy along with the new War Paints there is still a lot to offer from the game and in order to improve the game we ourselves need to do that as a community

    > Other Related links to the Update :
    • Valve News Network explaining the rework :

    • b4nny's thoughts on the update in its entirety :

    • Team Fortress 2 Wiki Information :
    Thank you for reading what i have to say about the update :

    >>> Please give you thoughts of the update in the comments <<<

    Thank you, and keep on playing :D

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