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    ROBEEEEEEEEEEERT GhostBlade Legacy Admin

    Jun 24, 2017
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    Your name
    Robert W / staneo


    Date of birth
    9th of May, 2000.

    Which languages do you speak?
    Swedish, English, a little bit of German and Bosnian.

    In which timezone do you live?

    Steam Community URL

    Your gameMe page

    Your total playtime on the applied server(s)
    1 day and 22 hours / 46 hours.

    Server(s) you wish to be admin on
    CSGO - Arena 1vs1 #2 | !knife !ws !gloves | 128 Tick | EU3-22

    If you already have experience, which plugin were you using?

    Adding to the question above, which community were you admin for?
    Fortress of Gamers

    Tell us why you're applying
    Hello guys and girls.
    First of all i would like to make it clear that this is an admin application to extend my Junior Server Admin rights towards the arena #2 server.

    Most of you guys might recognize me from any of the surf servers where i spend most of my time playing on the FoG servers and if not, feel free to add me through the steam link above and lastly i would like to say that i have been admin for the Surf Beginner server for around 2 months now.

    So lets get into why i want my permissions extended to the arena #2 server.
    - I have always enjoyed challenging game-modes and arena servers land on the top of the list.
    - Playing on the arena servers is my second favorite interest in this community.
    - I want to help keep the arena server clean from cheaters, mic spammers and other rule breakers.
    - I have used SourceBans to handle rule breakers on both arena servers in the past, which isn't as practical as having in-game permissions, since you can act a lot faster with in-game permissions.
    - Adding to the point above, this and my experience on the surf beginner server proves that i have enough knowledge to be able to handle rule breakers on the arena servers.
    - I consider myself known among the other regulars of the arena servers.

    Note; I am aware that my activity on the server right now is not very impressive but i will maintain my activity as I have done these last days to prove i will be a good candidate for the server.

    Thank you for reading the application :)
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  2. ace

    ace Legacy Management

    Apr 9, 2017
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    - Really helpful when it comes to punish rule breakers
    - Alright playtime, considering that he's also admin on surf
    - Good chatlogs from what I've seen
    - Since I know him quiet good I can say that he's really mature
    - He already has some experience in being an admin

    Definitely +1, we need more admins on arena, I would like to see this getting accepted.
  3. Rizor

    Rizor eZ Retired Staff Member

    Feb 27, 2015
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    Well most of the stuff has been already mentioned by ace. I think you would be a great addition and we do indeed could need another admin.
    I just hope you will be able to maintain the activity especially when you turn SA and then have surf + arena at the same time.
    Going for a +1 on your extension.
    Good luck on your application.
  4. n0name

    n0name Administrator

    Aug 27, 2012
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    Accepted, expanded your admin acess to AM #2.
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