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Would you like to see him/her as an admin?

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  1. Solid

    Solid Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAAAAAAAKE?!?!?!? Senior Server Admin

    Sep 12, 2015
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    Your name


    Date of birth

    Which languages do you speak?
    English, Dutch, tiny bit of German

    In which timezone do you live?

    Steam Community URL

    Your gameMe page

    Your total playtime on the applied server(s)
    30 days 19:50:30 hours

    Server(s) you wish to be admin on
    TF2 - Jailbreak :: - Europe

    If you already have experience, which plugin were you using?

    Adding to the question above, which community were you admin for?
    Fortress of Gamers, MLG Hide and Seek

    Tell us why you're applying
    Hello guys, Snake back again with another application.
    For people who don’t know me, My name is Berend, I play soccer and often go to the gym. I was a former FoG admin for tf2 dodgeball and jailbreak. I’m currently 15 years old and I work at a mall. I quit playing tf2 but came back 1 month ago. I’m a gentle person and always try to be positive. (Unless when it comes to competitive :p)

    For a very long time I was choosing rather I’d apply again or not. I finally decided to make a new application because I thought of how much fun I had on the jailbreak server. I thought it was best for me to stop playing tf2 after I made some new friends. But later on I realized that I could do both playing tf2 and playing with friends. I already made new friends on the jailbreak server and I thought this was a good time to make an application. So why not give it a go?

    Why would I be a suitable admin?
    Well, I know the rules and I’ve been on FoG for quite some time. I already have some experience and I’m known in the community. As I said in previous applications I take full responsibility for everything I do. I always give it my best when it comes to making the server better. Of course I’m not that guy who turns everything in to a blind eye when someone breaks a rule. I’m most of the time mature unless it comes to jokes and stuff ;).

    Final notes.
    School is still going just fine. I feel very comfortable and I’m going through one of the best phases in my life. I don’t expect you all to embrace me with open arms so feedback is always appreciated.

    Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

    -Solid Snake
  2. Avaritia

    Avaritia Genuinely crazy Moderator Server Helper VIP

    Oct 2, 2015
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    Faggot has been complaining for a long time "Where is Solid Snake". And am I glad that we finally found him again. Now I can rest assured that theres one less thing hell cry about every day. I honestly see no reason whatsoever to have you declined. Chat is good, activity is up there, you have previous admin experience in a cancerous community and you wrote your app long enough so people wont read and call it good either way. Y'got me support for everyones sake. JB bloody well needs it.
    Cheers lad.

    Oh and you others: dont you dare post "all reasons stated above +1" or ill bloody delete your post.
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  3. SilverSurferSteven

    SilverSurferSteven Member

    Feb 24, 2017
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    Since I am not really in the same community I can't say much.

    What I can do however is act from what I've seen on the forums. You were well aware of the rules, guides and requirements. This combined with what yoda said should be plenty.

    You seem like a positive guy, I'm gonna go for +1 for how much it matters.

    Best of luck on your application.:)
  4. Littlemadtiger

    Littlemadtiger Forum Police VIP Member

    Jun 7, 2015
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    all reasons stated above +1

    (Yoda, look at the spoiler please)

    I've known solid for the longest time. I really trust his expertise in situations that are highly stressful, like in JB.

    He's integrated well here and would fit perfectly into our admin group again.

  5. Celeritate

    Celeritate insufficient VIP Member

    Mar 14, 2014
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    As FoG has been struggling to keep up with the JB server, with so few admins - I think you'd be a perfect addition to the team.
    You've been here before, you know the deals and so on. Other than that, you're aware of the JB rules.

    You have my +1 mate, even though I hopped on the JB server once or twice, I know it's in need of more admins.
  6. Ghost Rider

    Ghost Rider Member

    Jul 31, 2015
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    What is this ?, my friend that resigned is re-applying ?. I still have no idea why you resigned but here we go:

    +good playtime
    +good chatlog
    +great guy to play with
    +nice to other players

    If you gonna be the same admin as you were before, im definetly voting +1

    -Ghost Rider
  7. n0name

    n0name Founder Developer VIP

    Aug 27, 2012
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    Accepted, welcome back!

    I have reactivated your SB account, so you should have permissions directly.
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