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Discussion in 'Archives' started by Sabuda, Mar 11, 2018.

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    I am fluent and confident in my ability to write from scratch in the following languages in order of importance for the role I am applying for;

    • PHP
    • HTML[5]
    • CSS(3)
    • JavaScript
    • PAWN
    • C++.
    • Python
    • Perl
    • Ruby
    • Lua
    • XML

    Other languages I have experience in and can give input to:
    • C#
    • Cold Fusion
    • Visual Basic

    In terms of my experience, I used to actually run quite popular Surf and Bunnyhop servers a few years back under my community named Glorified Gaming. I was the sole developer and decided to close the community because the work became very demanding and the outgoing of costs compared to what we were making wasn't motivating me enough to the run the community anymore.

    I originally got into programming when I used to play a game called GunZ Online: The Duel, many years ago and I picked up C++ to develop on private servers. Since then, I branched off into web development and designed as well as coded many websites for clients on a chat-room based game known as Habbo Hotel, which is where I transitioned over to all forms of web development and picked up PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

    After that, another change came in a few years down the line where I got into scripting, and I actually learnt PAWN originally through scripting for popular SA-MP servers before the server I scripted for decided to shut as Kreyg (the owner of HBG) [The actual guy in the Kreygasm emote on Twitch] closed down his community and sold it off, to which I moved over to Garry's mod and learnt LUA for another community I was apart of.

    From then on out, I started to get into Counter-Strike and that's when I picked up on the fact that unlike other source based games, CSGO uses PAWN as well instead of LUA to which my previous abilities came into effect and I picked up SourcePAWN really easily.

    My story goes on forever really, but that's just a little insight into how I got to where I am today and how I came about learning the languages I know, as I know it seems like quite a wide variety of languages compared to your average joe.

    Main interest
    Looking to work on front-end aspects of Fortress of Gamers, primarily web aspects of the community. Was informed that at some point the community would like to get a main website up and running and would like a more in-depth and elegant looking statistics page for people to view, etc.

    I can also devote time to working on the back end if needed, whether it be game server, dedicated server wise or even website/forum wise for XenForo, etc.

    Time devotion
    I would look to dedicate around 30 hours plus a week to the development of Fortress of Gamers.
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    To others tempted to shitpost or post without any knowledge of the topic:
    n0name hasn't specified how he wants these dev apps handled but lets make up some requirements that all have to be met until n0 says more:
    • dont reply unless you know the applicant and can say something positive or negative about him
    • dont reply unless you know quite a bit about programming

    Replies are now blocked for everyone below VA. These rules do not apply anymore.
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  3. n0name

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    Accepted, welcome to the team!

    I have given you the "Developer" title and reserved slot access on all our Surf servers for now.
    In case you get projects affecting other servers (e.g. Arena) your access will be expanded.

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