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  1. MagicNeon

    MagicNeon Member

    Feb 11, 2018
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    Steam SteamRep SourceBans gameMe
    Your name or nickname

    Your age

    Which languages do you speak?
    English And Lithuanian

    In which timezone do you live?

    Steam Community URL

    Your gameMe page
    I Reseted My Points In Acciedent I PLayed 20 Days And Had 77k points

    Your total playtime on the applied server(s)
    i played 20 days but i reseted i also had 77k points but now only 7k

    Server(s) you wish to be admin on
    TF2 - VS Saxton Hale | Amplifier | EU2-8

    If you already have experience, which plugin were you using?

    Adding to the question above, which community were you admin for?

    Tell us why you're applying
    Because I Want To Help The Server This Server Is My Favourite And Im Active Here
  2. Duchess

    Duchess Femme's bossy Sugar Lady Senior Server Admin VIP

    Jun 23, 2017
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    Steam SteamRep SourceBans gameMe
    Hi Magic.
    Unfortunately, your application is invalid since you have not made an introduction thread.
    Your application is also incredibly little. I recommend checking out this guide and maybe you should take a gander at the requirements while you're at it.
    Your gameme says 1day 5somehours.
    Your sessions are not that great. We look at having about an hour a day.
    Your chat is awful and kind of toxic.
  3. dino

    dino VIP Member

    Jan 24, 2017
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    Steam SteamRep SourceBans gameMe
    Hey magic, even though your application is invalid I'm going to say what I think of you.
    I know you personally from vsh, so I feel like I can comment on you as a person.

    First of all, please try develop your application on who you are and why you want to be admin, as it stands right now it is extremely lackluster. I have never seen anyone get accepted for just "im active nd like srever". Now that that's over with, here are my criticisms.
    • Logs
    I'm going to be honest here. You have terrible logs. Every time you type a message in the future, please try to think "Would I say this to people I know IRL?".
    • Personality
    Since I have talked to you loads of times, I know you get upset reeeeeeeeallly easily. You often yell, type allcaps in chat, leave the game or other responses. We don't really know if you would slay, kick or even ban when you are upset as admin.
    • Activity
    You are one of the most active players on vsh right now, but your times are (sort of) inconsistent. If you could try keep >1 hour a day on the server, that would be great!
    • Rule Knowledge
    From conversations I've had with you, you don't really know the rules that well. I suggest reading these two pages, fully.
    Imo, you just aren't mature enough. Please try to improve on everything people say in this thread, if you really want to apply.

    @Duchess@Duchess Magic had WAY more time than it says on his gameme, he tells me he reset it somehow(?) but the time he has total is more than 1 day. He was in the top 75 on TF2 custom gameme.
  4. yperz

    yperz Member

    Feb 11, 2017
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    Steam SteamRep SourceBans gameMe
    You told me you were 13 in like March or smth because it was your birthday aswell
  5. Kermitisko

    Kermitisko VIP Member

    May 19, 2017
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    Steam SteamRep SourceBans gameMe
    Well as everyone said your application is really bad. I have seen your game me stats and its horrible. And I do think your lying too. A No for me as well. Good luck of your app ! (Voting yourself won't do a thing)
  6. Avaritia

    Avaritia Genuinely crazy Moderator Server Helper VIP

    Oct 2, 2015
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    Steam SteamRep SourceBans gameMe

    You can reapply once you figure out your actual age.
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