LAN Downunder 2024

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    This weekend the LAN Downunder, Australia's premier Team Fortress 2 tournament, returns with a vengeance! For the first time ever, the event will be held at the Alienware Arena in Melbourne – the largest dedicated esports arena in the country. Prepare for an electrifying showdown as top teams battle it out on the biggest stage yet!

    Witness Gaming, the reigning champions, are back to defend their title alongside the formidable Struck Minds. However, their path to victory won't be easy. Six new challengers have emerged from the intense online qualifiers, hungry to prove their worth and shake up the competition. These rising stars have been honing their skills, eager to showcase the very best of Australian TF2 talent!

    Don't miss a moment of the action as LAN Downunder 2024 unfolds! The tournament will be streamed live from Melbourne on CappingTV, July 6-7. Witness the drama, the excitement, and the crowning of a new Downunder champion!

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