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Discussion in 'Admin Reports (archive)' started by JJ-Annoyed, Aug 3, 2018.

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  1. JJ-Annoyed

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    Aug 3, 2018
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    03-08-2018 Around 4:00 AM to 5:11 AM

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    I dont think marcel is excacly abusing his power, but the fact that he thinks shit talking is the same as saying an opinion on a mute is the same, really do make a situation, i got muted for spamming after having a normal annoyed conventation with people trashtalking me while complaining about em really, Marcel agreed on the fact that i needed to be kicked cause i dont seem to be old enough to be on the serverm which dosent make sense, cause they dont know my age, and they only agree because they think that im wrong, which dosent give them the right to gag me, so because i dont use voicechat but normal chat, it seems like im spaming, but they dont realise shit, (And yes, as they said im allowd to say "Fat people, Retard so imma use it in this case") This retarded dude kept calling me a retard and baiting me to say the N word, and thats bannable (asked an admin) So why is he not gagged, (Marcel knows who if he remebers it all as i do rn). In all im just trying to say that marcel didnt have control of the situation because peoiple tried baiting me to say the n word, and while that happen, people called me retarded, stupid, underaged and told me i needed to go away from my computer cause i wasnt old enough. as well as kciking me twice, and both times i asked why, and the response was "Annoying" Which i dont think is enough reason, specailly because his opnion is against mine in the situation. I do not think i got gagged in a fair way. And marcel got a really bad attitude when hes dealing with such a situation.

    Dont have more cause i thought admins didnt judge people by their opinions?

    Im not here to waste my time, cause marcel pretty much got our group of friends in a mood, and made us leave, so im not here to make a long situation, and im not gonna remember this tomorrow, but the complaint is about marcel needs to step up his game and be neutural instead of letting people call me retarded and agreeing on a punishment because HE feels like im not old enough to be on the server lmao. We all really got disapointed about it, so ive got nothing else to say other than it really shook me
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  2. Duchess

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    Jun 23, 2017
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    My guy, really?
    To anyone looking to review this. Just read his chatlogs or the chatlogs for the entirety of the server around his kicks and gag.

    Marcel muted someone for spamming in their mic and this guy gets pissy or, as he stated in his chat logs, “depressed” about it. So he keeps bringing up the topic constantly.

    Marcel had plenty of patience with you, as it seems. The entire time you kept crying about the subject. In my personal opinion, the amount that you actually kept up with it (Like, seriously, there’s probably over 30 lines of text chat if you just complaining) it would be considered spam. You were told to drop the subject and to leave if you didn’t like it, yet you continued. Hence the kick. You came back and complained more after being told to stop filling chat with complaints, but you didn’t. Hence the gag.

    He didn’t gag you because you were wrong. He gagged you because you didn’t stop talking about the subject after being told not to.

    Adding to this, you’re the one who brought up you not being old enough, assuming that’s how they felt. In text, he merely agreed.

    As for voice chat, I can’t say. Your evidence isn’t really that great either, bud.
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  3. Zacki

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    Jan 22, 2017
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    I was on the server with Marcel and there was a guy spamming his mic with a bong. So, Marcel muted him and he instantly left! JJ just told us that Marcel ruined all the fun in voice chat. Additionally, this guy kept annoying us for some reason. He decided to talk about the rules stupidly to annoy and provoke us! Marcel was really patient and warned him so many times, but he didn't stop! Marcel decided to kick him once to warn him and again... he has just joined the server to provoke him again with "rule trashtalk". He deserved to be gagged way earlier in my opinion! Marcel was really kind and respectful!

    There was nothing wrong about Marcel's behaviour!
    Zacki :)
  4. Seynethic

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    Aug 21, 2016
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    That's once again a great opinion you have there, but rules overweight your opinion in this case.
    In addition Marcel handled this whole situation pretty good with a lot of patience.

    So I'm not quite sure why I even wasted my time looking through the chatlogs since Marcel acted properly.
    Alright, then have a great time on some other server I suppose.

    Oh also the icident happened on the Beginner 1-2 Server, not the 1-3. #KnowYourFacts

    marking this a rejected.
    closing and moving
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