Invalid Admin Report - all of u(execpt tyra and zak i liked em)

Discussion in 'Admin Reports (archive)' started by RealPepe, Aug 28, 2018.

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    all of u(execpt tyra and zak i liked em)


    CSGO - Arena 1vs1 #1 | !knife !ws | 128 Tick | EU3-18

    this is wrong on so many levels (not on all though). i clearly used the word nigeria to troll but wheres the perma for that? thats way too much punishment. yes i used nigger and other insults days before never said i didnt use it at all just this time. u calling me liar lieing urself bitch. you should revisit ur rulings cuz the word nigger is not racist and even if u say it is you shouldnt allow the word faggot which than clearly is sexist. used that -> no complains. scheinheiligkeit hoch 10. hope u feel morally above me for banning bad bad racist people. lmao im not racist i wasnt racist and i hope ur community dies cuz u perma too many is banning people for stuff like this even a thing. are u really telling me that is a worse thing than other insults used daily on the server? omg im fucking salty im not able to play on ur servers anymore always good ping and sometimes nice people. hows is this even a thing and how am i not privileged to reply onto my own fucking post and u fucking asking me not to open a new report are you fo real n0name? thought u a good guy. was wrong. this is clearly run by people that act like they or their fellas cant be wrong. was there ever a fucking report that was not rejected or invalid? after the rules u are not able to ban me for this thing tonight. the thing on forth is against the rules which r fcuking stupd like i said above. did sm1 complain about this? the answer is no. its a shame u r (such a big) part of this community. goddamn. theres some truth and blood and bullshit in this. l2p

    see my lastest post its all there. btw n0name that was all the evidence i needed to prove the ban was unjustified(well the stuff the last guys posted is a reason but thats not what the ban was for the first time). "U shuld be able to insult people and connect with everyone to have fun"-Pepe the frog "This is the internet you have no power here"

    fuk u pepe

    wtf nigeria is differnt fucking word n0name goddamn are fucking retarded? oh u said fork i think u wanted to say fuck and thats bannable. haha motherfucker

    also this i dont care is outta context. where did i use that again? could be anywhere. nigger oh sorry faggot´
    Edit: u a fuking pussi if u dont answer m8:oops:
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    Bye bye.
    Go be a 12 year old kid somewhere else.
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