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    The following changes have been performed and are now active:

    [TF2] !giftap (finally) fixed
    An issue has been fixed which prevented the !giftap command from functioning properly if either the sender or the receiver had special characters in their name.
    E.g. a name like te'st wouldn't work, test would. This affected all our TF2 servers.

    [TF2] Re-enabled funcommandsX on Trade
    Updated the plugin to the latest available version. Hopefully, this should fix the crashing issue.
    If it does, the plugin will also be re-enabled fully on JB/Achievement.

    [TF2] Added 2016 halloween effects
    Nothing more to add, added the newly released 2016 halloween effects (Neutron Star, Tesla Coil, both Slumbers).

    [CS:GO] !sm is now persistent

    All per-client mutes performed in !sm now persist across disconnects, map changes and server restarts. The new version is active on all our CS:GO servers.
    Unmuting a person works just as before, by typing !selfunmute / !su in chat.

    [CS:GO Surf] Auto-bunnyhopping plugin replaced by new CVar

    The plugin has now been replaced by the recently added sv_autobunnyhopping cvar, allowing much smoother bunny hops, even with high ping (as it is lag-compensated).
    This change only affects the Surf servers, as there are styles without auto hop on BHop.
    Note: there currently is an issue where after landing, you will be set back to almost no velocity. Currently looking into this issue (if it isn't solvable, we will go back to using the plugin method).

    [CS:GO Surf] Added !veto plugin
    As discussed here: https://forums.f-o-g.eu/threads/concept-veto-for-higher-ranked-players.13337/, higher ranked players (rank >= 250) can now cancel a running RTV vote.

    However, some conditions have to be met in order to use the command:
    - you must be better than or equal to rank 250 (duh)
    - there must not be more than 4 players active on the server
    - map time left must be greater than 2 minutes (to avoid vetoing regular map votes).

    The command is usable on all our public Surf servers (Donator doesn't count, as it is limited to top 200 only eitherway).

    [CS:GO] Updated DM plugin

    Our FFA server got an update as well. Refilling clip / reserve now works properly (after each kill / reload).

    [CS:GO/TF2] Automatic Demo Recording

    Thankfully, the author of the SourceTV manager extension has fixed his code. Therefore, I was able to complete the plugin and install it for testing on Surf 1-3.

    The plugin simply starts the SourceTV recording as soon as there are more than or equal to 1 player(s) online, and restarts it every 30 minutes to keep the demo file size down.
    Once recording is complete, all demos will be uploaded here: https://demos.f-o-g.eu/, grouped by physical machine (game1-3) and server ip:port itself.

    As noted earlier, the plugin is currently only active on 1-3 and will stay like that for another 7 days. Doing it like this to find out how much space a typical day of demo recording takes (to maybe remove older demos after a certain amount of time) and to check if the plugin is working properly.

    Feel free to test the recorded demos!

    Not so positive news
    Unfortunately, due to low population, the following servers will no longer be online after tomorrow:

    - Surf Advanced (T3-4)
    - Surf Beginner #2

    - Freak Fortress 2

    The FF2 server will not be replaced*, not sure about CS:GO (may try a 24/7 Dust2 server).
    * - nowadays, starting a new TF2 server is literally pointless, due to Valve constantly not caring about community servers and directing most of the player traffic to their own servers.
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    Thanks for all your work, its great to have an active owner.
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    FF2 was fun while it lasted but TF2 is indeed dying slowly, I can understand the point.
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