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  1. Dark Red
  2. Lunar
    Lunar ChuppaChups
    *Notices how your profile has changed ever since i joined* O w -hell no what's this?!
    1. ChuppaChups
      You're not special you waste of air, fuck off
      Jun 15, 2018 at 10:02 PM
      Lunar likes this.
  3. Bambi :)
    Bambi :) ChuppaChups
    when you die, ill make sure to come to your funeral and give my respects and owos.
    1. ChuppaChups
      Jun 13, 2018 at 9:23 PM
  4. TheJulianSNL
    Solid best ex-mentor
    1. Solid likes this.
  5. Pablo The Wizard
    Pablo The Wizard
    Nobody said Happy birthday to me yesterday :( not even my parents
    1. Faggot likes this.
  6. Kevin Chamberlin
    Kevin Chamberlin
    Some folks' say I don't give two shits... They're right.
  7. saN
    saN Tri.
    Reviver of rawr
  8. Dark Red
    Dark Red
    "Never underestimate people by their first impression"
  9. Pablo The Wizard
    Pablo The Wizard ace
    Why did you vote no on your on application dummy lmao
  10. Bambi :)
    Bambi :) Ducks Are People Too
    Every time you make a connect on jailbreak, I want to kill myself more and more. Thank you :)
    1. Solid likes this.
    2. Ducks Are People Too
      Ducks Are People Too
      Thanks dude, glad to see Im making a positive impact on the server :))
      Jun 3, 2018
      Solid and Bambi :) like this.
  11. Pablo The Wizard
    Pablo The Wizard
    saN=Best admin
    1. saN likes this.
    2. yperz
      i thought you knew how to spell solid
      Jun 4, 2018
    3. Pablo The Wizard
      Pablo The Wizard
      yperz=closet man
      Jun 8, 2018
  12. ★ Roddy
    ★ Roddy Solid
    omega homo
    1. Solid
      Nobelium Uranium B)
      May 21, 2018
      ★ Roddy likes this.
  13. TheJulianSNL
    Solid worst mentor
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    2. TheJulianSNL
      Am I the worst mentor?
      May 20, 2018
    3. Solid
      Can’t tell. You’re still a trainee B)
      May 20, 2018
      ★ Roddy likes this.
    4. TheJulianSNL
      May 20, 2018
  14. saN
    saN Dark Red
    Dont shoot me officer
    1. Dark Red likes this.
    2. Dark Red
      Dark Red
      Pew Pew.
      May 14, 2018
      saN likes this.
  15. Pablo The Wizard
    Pablo The Wizard
    People hate me cuz I joke about shotgun
  16. Aleksa
    Aleksa Unboxed
    1. Unboxed
      I'm gonna hit you with a truck
      May 7, 2018
  17. CrazyApple
    CrazyApple .ax
    1. .ax
      May 6, 2018
      CrazyApple likes this.
  18. Kermitisko
    No u isn't a real comeback
  19. Matt Ramses
  20. Pablo The Wizard
    Pablo The Wizard Tio José das Vacas
    Do you have free unusuals 4 me?
    1. Tio José das Vacas
      Apr 25, 2018
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